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Now that we are getting closer to this football festival, more and more people are looking for a place where they can keep an eye on all the Qatar World Cup matches.

This November 20, from the inauguration to the long-awaited final, there will be thousands of fans who, while carrying out their daily activities, seek to find a way to take advantage of technology to be aware of every detail of this great sporting event.

Whether they are fans who hope to see how the players perform during the 90 minutes of encouragement, or those who want the fixed to bet on their favorite team, we are all waiting for this World Cup.

In the following Cuy Móvil article , find out about the apps to watch the World Cup you need on your cell phone before the biggest sporting event in the world begins and don’t miss any moment of the 64 games.

Apps to watch the world cup


To follow the games safely and officially, in addition to the pre-game and everything that happens to reach the 90 minutes, FIFA + will broadcast all the games so you can follow your favorite teams.

Within the application you will also find different documentaries, summaries of the matches and programs about the World Cups, as well as exclusive material about players and interviews.

In addition, some countries will have the World Cup Fantasy option available, which is a game that comes to this platform for such an important occasion. Find this app on iOS and Android.

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World Cup 2022 live

This application, available exclusively for Android, is the ideal tool to closely follow the different matches of this year’s World Cup, at the time they are broadcast.

The World Cup 2022 live app has been available and closely following the matches since the qualifiers, and now it is ready to also broadcast the 64 matches of this soccer event.

Also find information about the competition, the positions, results, the fixture with which it will be played, the goals and much more, so that you can take the football fever with you wherever you go.


If you are passionate about all sports, this application is for you, since in addition to being one of the apps to watch the World Cup available, it also has the transmission of different competitions.

In addition to the World Cup, follow the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga 1, and other sports competitions such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, Wimbledon, among others, so you can follow your favorite sports.

In this app you will find live scores, constantly updated news and game schedules, plus a community of over 50 million fans of the same sports that are already in the app.


With BeSoccer you will have benefits such as knowing the schedules of the matches that are going to be played that day, the latest news, signings and rumors, as well as the statistics of competitions, teams and players.

You will also be able to share your passion with members of the community, compare players, the analysis and results of the users who use the app, and all within the interface that is easy to use.

BeSoccer focuses on soccer, which is why it has the largest soccer database in the world, so in addition to finding all the information you need to keep up to date with your favorite team, you can watch the World Cup by downloading this application.

Live Scores for World Cup 2022

To follow the results of all the matches played in the World Cup in case you can’t see it live, this application will have available all the information about the matches played.

In addition, you can receive notifications so you don’t forget to watch the matches of the team you support, and you can even configure it to only receive news about the matches you choose.

It was created exclusively for the Qatar 2022 World Cup by Live Scores Apps, and you can find it in the Play Store, although in the App Store there is an application with the same functions called World Cup Results 2022.

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Less and less to enjoy a passion that unites countries and entire continents, do not miss the opportunity to support the greatest figures in football and the teams that made it through the knockout stage.

Now that you know some of the apps to watch the World Cup, don’t stay out of this great soccer party, continue browsing with the mobile phone plans we have for you , don’t stop taking advantage of all the applications available without contracts and with the flexibility you were looking for.

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