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Apple’s keynote event next week on September 9th is rumored to have some news about the launch of their new phones but if you want some new information ahead of time, we have the prices and tiers announced right here.

Good news for Apple iPhone fans who want the scoop before the official launch of the phone: the prices of the phone have been released ahead of the release date.

According to 9to5Mac, which usually has accurate information from Mark Gurman, the iPhone 6S will be priced similarly to the tiers that accompanied the launch of the iPhone 6 models.

Starting with 16 GB of storage space, the iPhone 6S will cost $199.99, the 64 GB version will run $299.99 and the 128 GB version, which will be the largest storage space available, will cost $399.99.

The iPhone 6S Plus will also be launching, running the same prices as the current 6 Plus models do. The 16 GB will be $299.99, the 64 GB will be $399.99 and the 128 GB will be $499.99.

With the launch of the new model, the iPhone 5S will go down in its current pricing to being free with a new two-year contract. Also accompanying this launch will be the discontinuation of the iPhone 5C.

What has not been clear is whether or not Apple will discount the prices of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

Speculation about the newest model ranged from having the baseline model, which has long been a 16 GB storage amount, launch at 32 GB instead. Also speculated and seen from Apple’s supply chain was a smaller model referred to as the 6C from January through March, but then that disappeared.

The launch of the new phones and their pricing tiers are rumored to be announced next week during their keynote event on September 9th.

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