MLB” Japanese strong voter Darby Xiu welcomes the contract year! American media speculates about his future in the major leagues


A strong Japanese investor in the priests, will usher in a contract year this season. The San Diego media “East Village Times” stated that the priests are interested in renewing Darvish, and speculate that the two parties will sign multiple contracts. Year approx.

The report directly said: “A reasonable guess is a three-year contract, plus the team has the option for the fourth year, and the average annual salary is expected to easily exceed 20 million US dollars.” If Darvish enters the free market, the article stated: ” His value is very high, and all teams will actively recruit him, and there will be a war of grabbing him.”

Darvish played 30 games in the regular season last season, all of which were starts, with a score of 16 wins and 8 losses. After the 2012 major league rookie season, he won 16 wins in a single season in 10 years and accumulated 194.2 innings pitched. Throwing 197 strikeouts, an ERA of 3.10, and a hit rate of 0.95 per inning. Darvish has accumulated 95 major league wins in his career and is expected to reach the 100-win milestone this year.

Daniel J. Brown

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