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pinduoduo chinamoss wall streetjournal Microsoft is continuing its push into the Chinese market with the launch of a new server. The move comes as the company looks to gain a foothold in the country’s burgeoning cloud computing market.

The new server, which is based in Beijing, is designed to comply with Chinese laws and regulations. It will offer customers data storage, backup, and recovery services. microsoft chinese serverwhittakertechcrunch

Microsoft has been working to expand its presence in China for some time now.

Microsoft has revealed a new server that is specifically designed for the Chinese market. The server, which is based on the Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition, includes features that are tailored for Chinese organizations. These features include support for Chinese characters, enhanced security, and improved performance. Microsoft has also partnered with several Chinese companies to provide support and services for the new server. microsoft chinese serverwhittakertechcrunch

Microsoft is no stranger to the Chinese market. In 2015, the company announced a new data center in China and made a big push to get its products into the country. Now, it looks like Microsoft is setting up its own server in China.

According to Whittaker Tech, Microsoft has been working on a Chinese server for some time now. The server will be used to store data and run applications for Chinese customers.

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