Classic Match “Tokyo Olympics was shocked and educated Yuandui Ren looking forward to revenge and looking forward to the match against Shohei Otani


The South Korean team recently announced the 30-man roster for the classic game. Samsung Lions right-hander Won Due-in is also on the list. After his poor performance in the Tokyo Olympics, he is also looking forward to avenging his humiliation on the bigger stage of the classic game.

The 22-year-old Won Due-in will represent South Korea in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. He has pitched 5.1 innings in 4 games and has an ERA of 8.44, failing to meet expectations.

Won Due-in, who is currently training in the United States with KT Wizards pitchers Ko Young-pyo and Su Heng-joon, was interviewed by “Sports Seoul”. The list is very happy, “The classic game is a competition for top players. There are foreign players and the best domestic players. I am proud to be selected.”

Yuan Duiren also mentioned his performance in the Tokyo Olympics, “I performed too badly in the Olympics. I can’t make excuses or justify in the national team. This time I will grit my teeth and work hard, because it is a pre-season game, and there will be a lot of energy. , I will go all out to fight.”

Yuan Duiren also expressed his expectation for the high-profile “Korea-Japan War”, “There are major league players like Shohei Otani in the (Japan) team. Although I have participated in the Olympics, there are more and better players in the classics. Although I don’t know if I have a chance to get on the plate against Japan, but as long as I step on the mound, I will find a way to deal with the batter.”

Daniel J. Brown

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