clay personal crm A new startup company called Clay , backed by $8 million in seeds funding, has built a process designed to help you become more thoughtful with the individuals in your life, which functions somewhat like a private CRM . Along with Clay, you create a collection of the people a person meet by linking your email plus calendar with interpersonal apps, including Tweets and LinkedIn. Clay-based then populates every person’s entry with the relevant information you will need to recall for just about any future meeting — ranging from their function history to newest tweets to the information on how you met so when you last disseminated, among other things.

You also can add information of your own to every entry, click in order to activate reminders to follow along with up with certain individuals and organize articles into groups. The particular app supports the command bar, key pad shortcuts and house screen widgets, too.

The end result is some thing that’s not specifically an address guide but also not necessarily since sales and pipeline-focused as a CRM program.

Clay’s founders rather refer to their application as a “home for the people, ” because it’s attempting to create a new space looking for a more personal approach to tracking who you understand and how.

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The idea for the start-up comes from entrepreneurs Matt Achariam and Zachary Hamed , Clay’s co-founders and co-CEOs, whom met back in their own early days of dealing with startups. Prior to starting Clay-based, Achariam helped direct product at Con Combinator-backed analytics firm, Custora, and Hamed led the product administration team for Goldman Sachs’ web system, Marquee.

“We think that individuals and relationships possess played such an natural part in our own profession trajectories. And we desired to dive into that will, ” Hamed describes, when speaking about exactly what prompted their desire for building Clay.

To get started along with Clay — that is available as an internet, desktop and cellular app — you will first connect your own accounts. At present, Clay-based supports Microsoft Outlook/Office 365, Google Diary, Gmail/Google Mail plus Twitter. You also can also add other services through Zapier integrations. Right after setup, Clay will likely then automatically track your own meetings and personal cable connections, and augment people’s entries with other information pulled from the web, such as their background plus work experience outlined on LinkedIn plus latest tweets.

People’s records will also detail the way you met the person — something people often forget over time. For instance , they may be noted as being a connection you produced on LinkedIn, or even someone you fulfilled in person or within an online meeting.

Through Clay’s desktop app, additionally you can optionally link Clay with iMessage, which allows it to reinforce its people entries with phone numbers plus details about when you final communicated. However , this particular feature should be fulfilled with some caution. Whilst Clay doesn’t transfer the content of your communications, the company says, it needs to work around the insufficient an official API or even SDK to perform this particular integration. That means the particular feature requires complete disk access to be able to function. That’s an increased security permission several will not feel comfortable making use of.

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