The Most Successful Blackjack Strategies

Can These Blackjack Methods Make You Rich?

Blackjack is such as favorite casino game that for many casino players, it’s almost synonymous with ‘casino gaming’. Ardent blackjack fans can hardly get enough of the game. Considering the mind-blowing payouts offered at casinos for blackjack games, that’s hardly a surprise.
Naturally, because of the tremendous popularity of the game, you will never be too far from guides, ebooks, whitepapers, and resource books that promise you the most advanced blackjack tips and techniques to help you become wealthy. However, all you need to do is to understand the time-tested methods that have made several blackjack gamers rich, and will make you rich as well. We’ve covered 6 of them in this blackjack guide.

Card Counting

You expected it, of course. Card counting is among the oldest and most reliable smart blackjack strategy. You can hope to minimize your losses and maximize your earnings by using this approach. Learning to count cards takes time and practice. More importantly, you need to learn to do this discreetly. Although card counting is not illegal, casinos don’t appreciate players using any tactics that can help them beat the house advantage (for obvious reasons). If caught, it’s pretty likely that you will be turned out of the casino. A tip: card counting does not work in online casino gaming because most of the software are programmed to re-shuffle the deck after every hand.

Build A Bankroll

The number one reason why people lose money at blackjack is that they play with the insufficient bankroll. Yes, you could read that again, so that you remember it. Blackjack is a game designed in a manner such that you need to be in there for quite a few games to be able to dissolve the house advantage. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have at least 50x the minimum table bet in your bankroll when you decide to play blackjack. Your blackjack knowledge and experience is the pistol, and the number of minimum bets your bankroll allows you to make becomes your ammunition.

Be Picky About Tables

We get it; blackjack excites you. However, if you want to beat the casino at the game, you need to be very picky about your choices. Don’t just take a seat at a table with the hottest dealer, or the first table you see. Look for a casino where the number of players is low. Also, it’s sensible to wait before joining a game until the time a new show is being dealt (the deck is being shuffled). Starting your play with a new deck will make your penetration into the deck deeper, and will make your counts more accurate. If there’s no seat at a table that would qualify as a good table, wait.

Many Small Steps, Not A Giant Leap

Another best-kept secret of successful blackjack millionaires is that they never expect to win hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few blackjack games. Small-balling their way to profits – that’s how the best blackjack players did it, and that’s the only dependable (and legal) way you’re going to be able to do the same. Protect your bankroll like a mother protects her kids! Always establish ground rules that help you quit when a losing streak happens to you. Playing within loss limits is the best way for you to safeguard your bankroll.

Walk in Green

When you walk out of the casino, you need to either be in the green (profits), or at least must not have fallen below the acceptable loss threshold for your bankroll. Too many great blackjack players end up losing more than the most obnoxious of players purely because they lose track of the big picture and fall for the tricks that casinos use. Flowing along with the waves of emotions at the table, getting drunk and playing without your mind in the game, chasing your losses – that’s what makes your day at the casino a mess. Remember, your goal is to walk out of the casino in green, not in red.

Look for Good Online Casino Deals

It makes sense for ardent blackjack casino gaming lovers to mix in some online gaming sessions in their real-world casino adventures. There are undeniable advantages of such a strategy. For starters, you can easily find free credit, bonuses, and discounts while playing online, which increases the number of minimum value bets you can make with the available bankroll. Also, because you don’t have to buy airplane tickets, order food, and stay at a hotel, the saved money can be put into the bankroll to get more shots at winning. Of course, when you win, you don’t have to spend some of the money as your essential tip to the dealer.

Concluding Remarks

Start using these tips and methods, and you will soon start earning more from your blackjack casino gaming adventures.

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