Ricky Gervais just destroyed flat-earthers with one tweet

Flat-earthers have been thrust into the spotlight lately as the latest group to buy into an outlandish conspiracy theory, and Gervais just owned them.

Comedian Ricky Gervais is no stranger to taking on the religious and other groups that he feels believe in things that are nonsense, and this time it was flat-earthers who earned his dismissal. Flat-earthers believe that contrary to all the evidence we have, the Earth is actually a flat disc and not a sphere floating in space and orbiting the sun.

Gervais tweeted the following about those who subscribe to that notion. “I believe that some people really believe that a god made the universe. And I believe that some people really believe there is an afterlife. But I don’t believe that some people really believe the Earth is flat. It seems like attention seeking. Hipster Ignorance.”

That’s right, “hipster ignorance” is believing the Earth is flat, and he doesn’t really believe people sincerely believe that. And it suggests that as low of an opinion he has about god, it’s not nearly as low as that of those who believe the Earth is flat.

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